Baan Panburi Village

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Baan Panburi Village

Overview of Baan Panburi Village

'Idyll uninterrupted' can only begin to describe your experience at Baan Panburi Village. Prepare for a pleasant culture shock that will find you under a thatched roof and rustic simplicity that somehow manages to keep you in optimum comfort. The silver sands and blue waters take center stage while the swaying palm fronds nod in approval.

The Village has succeeded in preserving the tranquil show put on by nature. Quaint cottages called bures, constructed with local materials, enhance your feel good factor. Relax in a hammock rocked by the warm breeze, while the sea croons a soothing lullaby. Feel the powdery sand crunch while your feet luxuriate in their liberated shoe free status.

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