Drop In Club Resort And Spa

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Drop In Club Resort And Spa

Overview of Drop In Club Resort And Spa

At the Drop In Club you have the perfect location, four star comforts, a great beach, and the best of oriental hospitality all rolled into one with just you in mind. The resort embodies everything Thai, from its layout to the tempting menu and colourful cocktails.

From the penthouse to the standard room, there is a thoughtfulness that conveys a gracious welcome, and a promise that you are in good hands. If you came here with any expectations, be prepared to have them all turned turtle. This place simply refuses to be slotted.

The white sandy beach makes time stand still allowing you to relax and catch up with your inner self. In fact you have a choice of two beaches—the sedate Haad Rin Nai on the eastern coast and the sensational Haad Rin Nok on the west coast where all the action is.

After all that swimming and water sport, take yourself and a huge appetite to the feast that awaits at the restaurant. A surfeit of wonderful cuisine and courteous service will definitely make your day. The Spa is where you'll begin to realize just how badly you needed a massage and how you ever managed this far without this sensational pampering.

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