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Overview of Havana Beach Resort

Spanking new and squeaky clean, the Havana Beach resort is certainly not going to let you go in a hurry. You'll savor each day you spend there, not wanting it to end. The spectacular views enthrall your senses and soothe away the frown lines, and you haven't even visited the spa yet.

On a coastline dotted with resorts of all kinds, I sure hope you don't miss out on this gem. Make sure you check this one out before you make that final click. This one decision could alter the course of your vacation.

The resort is designed to please even the meanest critic. There really isn't a hair out of place, or a blade of grass that doesn't belong. The swimming pool with Mickey's ears is clean, clear and inviting. But the silver sands and the bay relentlessly entice you over. So what do you do? Well, that would be the kind of decision making you would be called upon to make while you're here at Havana. Surely you're equipped to deal with that.

Rooms of Havana Beach Resort

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THB 1,776 / night

THB 1,878 / night

THB 2,073 / night

THB 2,464 / night

THB 2,761 / night

THB 3,161 / night

THB 3,356 / night

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