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Overview of Loyfa Bungalow

Loy Fa has 20 rooms and a big plot of land with its own small beach and a full variety of different bungalows, mostly on the hillside, some on the beach, all with great views.

Laem Srithanu is a volcanic island that has been joined to Koh Phangan by a strip of coconut pasture that meets with the village of Srithanu. It has formed a fertile peninsula that lies between the bays of Ao Hin Kong and Ao Srithanu, thus the small and secluded beaches that populate its coastline are closer to the coral reef, leading to virtually year round swimming. At low tide its possible to circum-navigate Laem Srithanu and find your own little piece of paradise, perfect for secluded sunbathing or finding a good spot for fishing off the rocks.

There is a laid back and unique atmosphere to the area, partly as Laem Srithanu is almost its own island and because there are only five resorts on the peninsula. Quiet though it is, action is not far away in the 'mainland' village of Srithanu, only a 500-meter walk through the coconut groves.