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Overview of Best Western Phanganburi Resort

At Phanganburi Resort, the smile stays on your face. The place is a visual delight any which way you look at it. Beautiful cottages with classic red sloping roofs stand contrasted against the lush tropical green in the background. Neatly kept, well manicured landscapes give you a perfect alternative to loll around if you've developed beach phobia.

And the pool has to be seen to be believed. It seems an extension of the blue waters of the bay and is crystal clear and clean. The restaurant has a somethin's cookin' atmosphere about it all day long, holding you in anticipation of what's to come. When all's said and done, you're probably here to wind down and if so, you'll find the means for that at the spa.

Rooms of Best Western Phanganburi Resort

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THB 2,189 / night

THB 2,602 / night

THB 3,213 / night

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