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September 2013 Free Night Specials

1 Free Night Specials in September 2013 at 1 hotels in Phangan Island

Below are the 1 hotels that currently offer Free Night Specials during September. If the hotel offers more specials these are also displayed for your convenience. Free Night Specials provide a free nights stay when you book. For example; STAY 3 PAY2 = 1 Free Night (You stay for 3 nights but only pay for 2).

Prices displayed are based on the check-in date of 01 Sep 2013.

To view the biggest saving available for your stay, simply view an instant quotation. The special with the biggest saving will automatically be used by our quotation system. You can also view all the available specials for any hotel from the Hotel Information Pages. Just be sure to enter your check-in date and valid specials will be highlighted for you.

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Havana Beach Resort
Havana Beach Resort
Havana Beach Resort
Havana Beach Resort

Guest Rating: Excellent

106 Reviews


Spanking new and squeaky clean, the Havana Beach resort is certainly not going to let you go in a hurry. You'll savor each day you spend there, not wanting it to end. The spectacular views enthrall your senses and soothe away the frown lines, and you haven't even visited the spa yet. On a coastline dotted with resorts of all kinds, I sure hope you don't miss out on this gem. Make sure you check this one out before you make...

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