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Koh Phangan hotels are known for treating guests with luxury like they have never seen before, but when it comes to giving guests the most personalized service possible, few Koh Phangan hotels can match the service of the Asia Bungalows. The Asia Bungalows are set on the Haad Salad, one of the prettiest beaches in the world. The Asia Bungalows carry out a tropical theme that matches their beautiful surroundings, as you can expect from most of the Koh Phangan hotels.

Asia Bungalows is one of the more remote and peaceful accommodations on Koh Phangan. Asia Bungalows is all the way across the island from the Full Moon Party beaches and activities, so if you want to be away from the madness of thousands of Full Moon Party visitors, Asia Bungalows is a great place to escape.

There is much activity to occupy your time at Asia Bungalows when you are not relaxing in a hammock looking at the wonderful Gulf of Thailand waters. Volleyball, badminton, snorkeling, and kayaking opportunities are at your disposal at Asia Bungalows.

The beach itself next to Asia Bungalows is surrounded with coconut palm trees. Since the area is one of the more underdeveloped locations (especially for Koh Phangan hotels), it has a reputation for being private, quiet and nice. This hotel is favored by those looking for a tropical get-away. The beach also boasts clear, green-turquoise water that is only a few hundred feet from the vibrant coral reef that attracts scuba divers who know an excellent diving location when they see one.

As far as the Asia Bungalows are concerned, few Koh Phangan hotels can match their service and the way in which they make each guest feel at home. The often discounted rooms are arranged so that each room has a level of privacy, one that if not for the exceptional service, would leave guests at Koh Phangan hotel feeling they are in a private residence (with a great staff). One of the smallest accommodations of the Koh Phangan hotels, the Asia Bungalows offer eight rooms, each with air conditioning, private bath, an overhead fan, mini-bar and a hot and cold shower. With prices as low as 600 Bahts in the off season, nearly anyone can afford this amazing accommodation experience.

With restaurants dotting the landscape below the Asia Bungalows and other Koh Phangan hotels way off in the distance, the Asia Bungalows offer both service and privacy.