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Charm Beach is a Discount Koh Phangan Hotel Favored for its Friendly Atmosphere by Guests of all Ages. It is a very popular discount Koh Phangan hotel, and one that prioritizes meeting the guests' needs in a friendly, fun fashion. While most discount Koh Phangan hotel choices have luxury and great locations, Charm Beach effectively combines these with a friendly atmosphere that has guests coming back again and again.

What can you do at Charm Beach Koh Phangan hotel? You can go scuba diving with the certified instruction Charm Beach offers; you can go hiking in the endless hilly forests behind the this discount Koh Phangan hotel; you can enjoy the free snorkeling and boat rides that Charm Beach provides you; and you can rest in a Koh Phangan hotel room that offers you international phone calls, free wireless internet and western-style foods that make you feel right at home.

This discount Koh Phangan hotel known as Charm Beach offers taxi service to and from the Full Moon Party sites along Haad Rin. Koh Phangan, and Haad Rin in particular, are famous for full moon parties. This discount Koh Phangan hotel can get you close to the action, or if you prefer, will allow you to sit and reflect on a quiet spot on the beach. Full Moon parties started over 10 years ago as someone's birthday celebration near this discount Koh Phangan hotel, but have since evolved into the full-fledged partying madness that it can be, catering to 10,000 people or more each time a full moon appears. What better place to celebrate the beauty of a full moon than on the soft, warm, sandy beaches near the waters of the Gulf of Thailand?

This discount Koh Phangan hotel offers three types of rooms: A, B and C. The C room in this discount Koh Phangan hotel has one double bed, the B room has two double beds, and the A room has two double beds as well as a mini-bar, air conditioning and fridge. With rates as low as 1200 Bahts, there's a room to fit any need and budget.

Charm Beach is a discount Koh Phangan hotel dream because of its rooms, for sure, but also because of its amazing views and picture perfect location. The guests of this discount Koh Phangan hotel often rave about the gorgeous sunsets and sunrises. Charm Beach is perfectly located between the beach (only a few meters away) and the hilly forests, giving it the perfect location for anyone interested.

Whether you choose to come to this discount Koh Phangan hotel because of the bungalows, activities, or friendly atmosphere, you will surely have enough to keep you busy over an extended vacation. Keep in mind that if you plan to visit during the busy season, you should book in advance. No matter when you go, though, this discount Koh Phangan hotel is sure to help you have a great time.