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Harmony Beach Resort - Tropical Luxury on Koh Phangan

Harmony Beach Resort

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Koh Phangan is a natural tropical wonder and a wonderful, tropical holiday experience for any traveler. When you're booking your hotel for this special holiday trip, keep in mind that the Harmony Beach Resort is a smart choice. Harmony Beach Resort hotel is nestled away giving you the well-deserved seclusion you need to wash away the daily cares of working life. Tucked away on the Ao Hin Lor (which translates to the Bay of the Beautiful Rocks) cove on a 160-meter private beach, Harmony Beach Resort is surrounded by nature and yet is only kilometers away from Had Rin Nai, home of the famous Full Moon Party.

The Full Moon Party originated over 10 years ago as a birthday celebration to someone near the Harmony Beach Resort, but was enjoyed so much that it became a tradition, even a ritual, every time there is a full moon. What better reason to get together and socialize at the Harmony Beach Resort, dancing to the beats of every kind of music imaginable, on the soft, warm, sandy beaches of the Gulf of Thailand than a beautiful full moon shining down on the night's activities? If you would rather enjoy the peace and quiet of secluded sunbathing, the Harmony Beach Resort is the place for that as well, as it features huge granite boulders along part of the beach that make for good privacy spots.

This gem of a hotel known as the Harmony Beach Resort is crafted in the finest stone and natural wood with the style and decor following a Thai theme. Each room in Harmony Beach Resort is a deluxe example of holiday relaxation. After a long hard day of soaking up the tropical rays, you can return to your air-conditioned room at the Harmony Beach Resort, shower and prepare for an evening of culinary excellence. Internationally renowned chefs crafting delectable dishes of both Western and Thai cuisine guide the Harmony Beach Resort hotel restaurant. Whether you're relaxing at the Harmony Beach Resort Sunset Beach Bar with your friends or taking advantage of the special fishing and island boat trips, you are sure to find the activity that suits your holiday needs. With scuba diving, snorkeling, and trekking through the jungles to pristine waterfalls near the Harmony Beach Resort, you are sure to be dazzled by all that the nature of Koh Phangan has to offer.

If you're the wandering type, Harmony Beach Resort hotel offers a special travel-booking agency to assist you. If you need to stay connected, the Harmony Beach Resort hotel provides international phone and fax services combined with Internet and email access. With a variety of accommodations at discount prices, you are sure to find the respite that suits you best. Harmony Beach Resort hotel is also offering special discounts to their guests of 100 THB per night while they refurbish their pool facilities. With peak season room rates at the Harmony Beach Resort ranging from 450 THB (10 EUR) per night for the standard, fan bungalow to 2100 THB (44 EUR) for the 4 bed, beachfront, fan bungalow, you are sure to find what you desire at a discount price. What are you waiting for? Book your stay at Harmony Beach Resort today!