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Wok Tum Beach

Ao Wok Tum

Last Updated: 23 May 2008

Located on the southwest shore of Koh Phangan, Ao Wok Tum in Koh Phangan is a shining example of pristine natural wonder. Ao Wok Tum in Koh Phangan lies on the southern side of the bay and with its stretching white sands, provides a perfect contrast to the azure waves that lap upon the shor... read more.

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Ao Wok Tum Beach On Phangan Island



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Wok Tum Beach
Wok Tum Bay
Koh Phangan: Ao Wok Tum
Wok Tum Beach on Koh Phangan
Ao Wok Tum is a quiet beach on the white sand southwest coast of Koh Phangan, where mangrove jungles are alive with bird song, and palm covered volcanic rock provides eye catching scenery. The coral reef off Ao Wok Tum is overflowing with fish, invertebrates and picturesque coral structure